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We are recruiting for Harper Adams University now!

We have recently entered into an agreement with Harper Adams University to recruit students internationally for their renowned degree programmes. Harper Adams University is the leading provider of specialist university programmes in agri-food chain and rural economy in the UK. Course areas include agriculture, animal and veterinary sciences, business, engineering, countryside and geography, zoology, rural estate and land management.

We live in the age of sustainability. Humans’ relationship with the nature urgently needs re-examination. There is also an ever growing demand for healthy and affordable agricultural products. These worldwide challenges require innovative bioscientific and agroeconomic solutions. Governments and businesses are generously supporting projects and rewarding talents in related fields. We are therefore particularly excited to introduce international students to Harper Adams’ programmes. We believe that Harper Adams’ programmes will adequately prepare young people for a wide range of options in some of the smartest career choices in the 21st century.

Find out more about Harper Adams University here.

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