GCSE Course (Science)

In collaboration with Oxford International Study Centre, we are delivering the flexible Face to Face or mixed mode GCSE Course to students.

Our Course can let you study your GCSE/IGCSEs at your own pace, whether you are fast-tracking your course to meet university deadlines or taking it slow to fit around your family or other studies. You can learn from anywhere, set your own schedule, and get help whenever you need it from our expert tutors.

You have a choice between the Bridge programme to complement your current/existing studies or the extended programme to study the full curricula

Our Fast Track GCSE Course

You will complete the course within one academic year rather than two

IELTS preparation, English and Maths are compulsory subjects

You may select two or more subjects from the elective subjects of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computer Science

Structure & Fee

TypeBridge CourseFast Track CourseExtended Course
DurationOne YearOne YearTwo Years
Teaching mode– Part Time
– Online and Face-to-Face (Summer School)
– Full Time
– Face-to-Face
– Full Time
– Face-to-Face
Teaching Hours360 hours756 hours1512 hours
(756 hours per year)
Feature– Progress report
– Predicted grades
– Supporting documents for student visa application
– Progress report
– Predicted grades
– Supporting documents for student visa application
– Progress report
– Predicted grades
Tuition Fee £11,850 per year£13,680 per year £13,680 per year
Term Installment
(For students who have the right to study in the UK)
Deposit: £1,185
Term payment: £3,555
Duration of agreement: 12 months
Deposit: £1,368
Term payment: £3,078
Duration of agreement: 12 months
Deposit: £1,368
Term payment: £3,078
Duration of agreement: 24 months
Summer School (For international students only)Fee: £2,550
The fee includes a 3 week academic course (more details available on request), accommodation, meals, weekend sightseeing tour, airport transfer & student visa document
Progression– Join our A Level Course
– Apply for Year 11 in the UK
– Apply for Sixth Form in the UK*
– Join our A Level Course
– Apply for Sixth form (Year 12) in the UK
– Join our A Level Course
– Apply for Sixth form (Year 12) in the UK
*dependent on results/predicted grades and IELTS score
Compulsory SubjectsIELTS Preparation/English as Second Language/Chinese as Second Language/Maths
Elective SubjectsBiology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science (Select two subjects for bridge or one year programme, select 3 or 4 subjects for two year programme)
Exam BoardTBC
Class Ratio Online – Small group
Face to Face – Small group
Entry requirementsCompleted Year 1 of Senior High / Grade 10 + IELTS equivalent of 4.5
Pass our entry assessment test
*Please note, there is a charge of £150 for the assessment and subsequent course-counselling session; this can be used as part payment for your course fees.

Maths Course

Mathematics is the father of all sciences. Studying our GCSE/IGCSE Maths online course can help you develop a good understanding of mathematical topics like: algebra, geometry, probability, statistics. It equips you with the calculator and non-calculator examination skills and gives you the solid grounding you need to enter university and embark on your ideal career in Science, Finance or Engineering in the UK or Hong Kong.

Elective Courses (Choice of 2+)

We provide a range of courses that will best prepare you for your academic and career pursuits in science and technology. You will be guided as to your choice of subjects at our course-counselling session. All of our courses:

  • are written by experts in the academic fields, including PhD / master degree-holding lecturers and former markers in the subjects
  • condense the topics in each subject’s syllabus into digestible units for quick understanding to cope with the intensive learning
  • are complemented by effective home assignments and personalised feedback
  • cover the practical examination skills
  • develop transferable academic and life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and logical reasoning
  • give you confidence and build a solid foundation for your further studies at A Level
  • prepare you for a range of programmes in university and science-related careers

Physics Course

Studying our GCSE/IGCSE Physics online course can help you understand and explain our physical world in terms of matter, space, time and energy. The curriculum explores topics like waves, electricity, atomic structures, forces, magnetism, while at the same time develops your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. GPS navigation, smartphones, electric cars, cancer treatment and space exploration etc, all these innovative creations are based on physics. Our GCSE/IGCSE Physics online course will help you to unlock the mysteries of the universe and fully prepare you for further studies in popular Science and Technology university programmes like Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Sciences.

Chemistry Course

Studying our GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry online course can help you to understand everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch. You will develop the knowledge of core concepts across Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Examples of topics include atomic structure, chemical bonding, quantitative chemistry, energy changes, chemistry of the atmosphere. Knowledge in Chemistry opens the door to a wide range of Science and Biomedicine university programmes.

Computer Science Course

Studying our IGCSE Computer Science online course can help you develop an understanding of the main principles of problem solving using computers. You will apply the understanding to develop computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms and a high-level programme language. Our course will also help you appreciate current and emerging computing technologies, analyse the benefits of their use and recognize their potential risks. Studying Computer Science prepares you for university degrees and careers in not only the IT / Computer-Engineering field, but also in some of the most popular cross-disciplinary programmes today like Data Management, Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Biology Course

Studying our Biology online course can help you to discover some of nature’s most fascinating secrets including the tiniest microscopic cell and complex ecosystem. Studying Biology enables you to explore and understand life on Earth in all its forms. By exploring our natural world, you will begin to consider some of the big challenges we face nowadays. Examples of topics covered include: cell biology, bioenergetics, homeostasis, evolution and ecology. Graduates of biotechnology-related programmes are among the highly sought-after. Studying Biology is also an essential step towards a professional degree and career in Medicine and Healthcare.

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