Liverpool is a wonderful city for international students. It is the perfect size. It is compact, safe and easy to get around. It is also vibrant and exciting with a lot to see and do.

The city is famous for its history, architecture, sport, music and friendly people. The waterfront, with the Albert Dock and the spectacular skyline, is a UNESCO world heritage site. The city also has many beautiful parks and more museums and galleries than any UK city outside London. Liverpool is rich in history, culture and tradition yet it is also modern and vibrant. The people in Liverpool, the “Scouse”, are well-known for being very friendly and welcoming as well as having a great sense of humour. Liverpool is of course also home to one of the best-performing Premier League football clubs.

Liverpool School of English

Since 1999 Liverpool School of English have provided expert English language training in a stimulating and supportive environment. Its excellent teaching and services have earned itself the highest ratings in the British Council English UK accreditation reports in the whole of North West for many years. Its programmes, ranging from General English and English Summer Tours, to professional adult training like the Occupational English Test preparation, have been attended by thousands of students since it was founded twenty two years ago. All of the courses are planned and developed with care and attention to the needs of the learners.