The attraction of London to international students requires little explanation. In the academic year 2016/17, 112,205 international students chose to study in London. Imperial College of London, UCL, King’s College of London, London School of Economics are among the 40 higher education institutions in the capital. London is also a city that is known for its cultural diversity and the unlimited opportunities this in turn brings. Wherever a student comes from, they will feel welcome and that their unique background is celebrated.

The economy of London is also unparalleled by other cities. The London metropolitan area is the largest economy in Europe, generating almost 1.0 trillion dollars per annum, so for many students who consider staying in the UK for work after graduation or who are simply in search of part-time work, holiday placements and internships, the capital is unsurprisingly the first choice.

About NACEL English School London

NACEL English School London is part of an international education group that has offered quality study experiences worldwide for over 60 years. The NACEL English School London is accredited by the British Council, English UK and is top-rated by Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), achieving the maximum grading possible in all categories. Their campus is in Finchley, a leafy and safe area in the Northern part of London, which is only 20 minutes away from the city centre by Underground. Teachers in NACEL English School London are well-qualified and especially trained in providing individualised support to learners. For instance, there is a lot of emphasis on giving students personalised feedback when monitoring daily homework and assessments to allow the maximum progress in a relatively short time. The school ethos is very welcoming and supportive, and students will instantly feel that they have a new family in the UK.