Speaking & Pronunciation Course

By the end of the course the participants will have improved confidence, intelligibility and communicative competence in spoken English. Learners will be better equipped for academic and social life in an international setting and be better prepared for interviews and speaking tests. The course aims to prepare students for academic life in UK and International boarding schools.

Course Description

  • To develop spoken fluency and confidence for a range of real-life situations that students will find themselves in
  • To raise awareness of importance of various features of spoken English and develop some ability to use these features (connected speech, stress, intonation)
  • To develop functional language awareness and use
  • To improve spoken production of certain phonemes that may otherwise cause interference

The method used in the communicative approach and the students are expected to be active participants in a range of fun, communicative activities. The course will follow a syllabus that allows students to practice different pronunciation features based around specific vocabulary and functional language to allow them to complete a specific “real-life” task. A typical week will include some of the following: individual sounds work (minimal pairs), suprasegmental features (assimilation), chunking, intonation, word and sentence stress, some emphatic stress, recognition activities, practice activities, and a final task that includes all elements taught.

This will include speaking practice activities, listening to models, mingle activities, role plays and group activities. These will be covered across 3-4 modules:

  • Social
  • Living in the UK/travelling overseas
  • School life

Structure & Fee:

Duration3 months
Student Status– Progress report provided by PIC and Liverpool School of English
– Predicted grade provided by PIC and Liverpool School of English for Trinity GESE exam
– Arrange online trinity GESE exam
Teaching modeOnline
Exam BoardTrinity GESE Exam
Teaching Hours24 hours (3 unit per course, 8 hour per unit, 1 hour per session)
Class Ratio Online – Small group
PricePay in full at the point of enrolment
Course fee: £240
Monthly instalments (3 instalments)
Course fee: £294
Monthly payment: £98
Duration of agreements: 3 months

With an additional mini-module (4 hours) for exam-specific preparation.

The curriculum has been developed for Chinese speakers, taking into account specific difficulties that these learners encounter in spoken English.

Speaking & Pronunciation Course

Pay in full at the point of enrolment


Speaking & Pronunciation Course

Monthly instalment


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