Teacher Training

1 to 1 UK entry strategy consultation

We will conduct a detailed professional analysis of each student’s teaching experience and background, and advise the most appropriate pathway

8-week teacher retraining online course (mathematics and science)

Prepare to start your teaching career in the UK

5-day face-to-face booster (London)

Job hunt preparation checklist for interview and lesson demonstration

1 to 1 UK entry strategy consulting

We will conduct a detailed professional analysis (needs analysis) of each student’s teaching experience and background, including reference to the following factors:

  1. Teaching experience, rank
  2. Type of teaching school (primary/primary school, student level, Chinese/English teaching)
  3. Teaching subjects
  4. English communication level
  5. Other school duties
  6. Landing city and date of arrival

During the 1-on-1 online 30-minute meeting, our consultants (all senior education administrators) will provide strategic advice on how to enter the UK based on the individual situation of the students, so that the students will be able to teach in the UK and the road to promotion in the future, find the direction as soon as possible and not go wrong in the process of getting into the business.

8-week teacher retraining online course (mathematics and science)

Teachers from Hong Kong to the UK takes time to adapt to the new school system. Our online courses allow teachers who are preparing to move to the UK to teach in Hong Kong and participate in online training in their spare time to quickly understand the school system in the UK and Hong Kong. The main differences between the teaching mode and the role of the teacher’s rank. The curriculum also emphasises the training of Hong Kong mathematics and science teachers to teach in English. In addition to providing technical vocabulary and a list of local special terms (eg SEN, RSE, ICT), role-playing roles are also provided from time to time. The play and mini lesson in the simulated classroom increase students’ confidence in using English in class, meetings, and communication with co-workers. The course will also include cultural sensitivity training, in-depth discussion of the unique culture and hot issues of the British education sector, and point out the differences between Hong Kong and the UK in handling safeguarding, SEN, inclusion, and child psychology, so that students can practice in English during the discussion process. Co-workers, parents, students, and dealing with different scenarios, to prepare for the job interview after arriving in the UK, in terms of cognition and English.

5-day face-to-face booster class for job hunting (London)

The courses are taught on site, 5 consecutive days a week, 2 hours a day, and intensive job training with the instructor.


Dr Barbara James

Dr. Barbara James has been a teacher and teacher trainer for more than 30 years, most of which time has been in the management of the British Council outside the UK. She has worked in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Mongolia and Malaysia, as well as the Middle East, Europe and Africa. She has served as an IELTS speaking and written exam and Cambridge speaking examiner for many years and is currently a member of Trinity’s team. She is passionate about teaching, and her experience includes academic, military and business English, teaching for children, young people and adults, and exam preparation courses. She currently teaches part-time at two universities in the UK.

Carolyn LIewelyn

Carolyn Llewelyn has worked in the field of international education for more than 20 years. She first established her own college in Oxford and won the runner-up in the British Business Women Awards. Subsequently, she became the president of an international college at Oxford University, and later as the president of OISC for eight years, starting in 2006. She graduated from St Anne’s College, Oxford University, majoring in modern and medieval languages.

Course content

  • Resources for teacher job hunting (Assistant Teacher and QTS Teacher)
  • CV samples and CV editing
  • Interview training
  • Mini lesson preparation


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